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Get the Inside Edge

Creativity is an inner game. But sometimes people don't truly understand what makes their own creativity unique. Learn your unique creative strengths to gain an inside edge for greater self confidence and success.

Stay on Course

When you have tools for overcoming obstacles, and can avoid scattering your creative energies, you'll be prepared to stay the course. Depend upon a trusted outside eye for this essential navigation.

Live Your Creative Life

Creativity touches every part of life, from work, to relationships, to parenting, to making art. Bring the magic of your unique creativity to life in any or all of these domains and design the life you dream of.

Hello Creative Person!

Are you living your creativity to its fullest?

Or do you feel like there's more potential to expand and enhance your life?

Perhaps you have some part of your creative life that feels off-kilter -- or maybe your creative performance is suffering.

You may be in a place where you need to depend upon your ingenuity to navigate change...

...or maybe you just want to find more meaning in challenging times.

I can help.

Your Creative Nature

I believe you have an essential creative nature. It’s part of you, and it will never leave you.

Whatever may happen along the way, your creative successes or failures are never as important as cultivating a truly held, deeply-seated belief in your own indestructible creativity.

Have you fully tapped into that essential, magnificent part of yourself?

Ask yourself:

Do any of these feel true for you?

  • Do you feel trapped inside meaningless work?
  • Do you have a creative vision that’s crying out to be realized?
  • Has your career stalled out and you need a creative solution, fast?
  • Are you lying awake at night wondering how to adapt to the current massive changes in the world?
  • Do people depend upon your creativity for their well-being?
  • Is your life not working on some level where you know creativity would help?
  • Do you have a call to creatively respond to a world in upheaval, but don’t know where to begin?

These are all signs that your creativity is on deck, ready to move you forward.


What is Creativity? Who is Creative?

There are many definitions about what creativity is. Yours is the definition that counts the most — for better or worse!

I’ve learned from experience that there are lots of misconceptions about creativity and about who is creative. Some people believe it’s all about artistic expressiveness. That’s one way creativity shows up, but it’s not the only way.

Other people believe that creativity is all about creative thinking and producing creative ideas on demand. Again, that’s one way that creativity shows up…but it’s not the only way.

You may have a story about what creativity is, or about who you are as a creative person that could be keeping you from reaching the next level of your creative success — personally or professionally. I can help you sort that out.


Amy Frazier - Creative Life Coach

My passion is to support you in uncovering your unique creativity — and to empower you to design the life you deserve.

I’ve seen my share of creative highs and lows through my years as professional actor, as a writer and as an entrepreneur.

Curious to understand creativity better, I studied under pioneers in the field of Creativity Coaching and Creativity Studies, and from there spent years consulting to corporations across sectors on how to improve and support creativity.

I bring all of this to my coaching -- where my job is to listen deeply to you and offer my experience and expertise as a trusted guide on your journey.

"“It’s so easy to get stuck in ruts or ‘I’ve always done it that way’ mindsets. Amy knows not only how to show other ways of looking at situations, but also how to get excited about taking new pathways."

Donna Cameron
Author, Speaker, Consultant

Creative Life Coaching

Creativity is an intensely personal thing -- and yet there are certain universal givens about how creativity works.

Also, each person's life is unique, with unique goals, dreams, challenges, environmental pressures and limitations.

Then there's personality factors to consider...and habits...and self-image...and internal stories...and potentially some limiting beliefs thrown in for good measure...

But as a creative person -- tell me if this feels right to you -- you just want to be doing your thing. Perhaps it's something you've trained for and have attained mastery in. Perhaps it's a deep inner drive that's surfacing for the first time.

Or maybe it's a long held dream that you just can't say no to any longer.

It could be that you want to create your life in the way that you would like it to be, or enhance it profoundly in some way -- such as a different job, a new home, richer personal connections, starting a business, deepening your spirituality, finding a form of meaningful self-expression, etc.

Whatever it is, you just want to be able to focus on engaging your creativity in the way that feels rich, energizing and meaningful. That's it. You don't want to have spend your creative energies on the other stuff.

You don't have to. That's my job.

As a creative life coach, I get the outside perspective on where you're at and where you want to be, based on what you share as your dreams, goals and priorities.

Then it's my job to creatively watch for signs of your brilliance you may be missing, and to connect them with my understanding, knowledge and experience of how creativity works. Together, we chart a path to your next level of creative expression: personally, professionally, or both.

It's a delightful and often exciting experience, for both me and my clients.

And, to be honest, it's something that would have made a big difference at certain points in my creative life, if I'd had someone alongside me helping me chart the way.



"Armed with her keen sense of observation and her understanding of human nature, Amy can engage fully with anyone... This gives her tremendous influence regardless of the complexity or challenge of the task at hand."

Trevor McAlpine
President, Synergetic Management

A Bit More About Me

I mentioned above that I'd spent years (a couple of decades, actually) pursuing theatre professionally. Back then, I knew a whole lot about how to be a good actor. But I didn't know a thing about my own creativity.


What I didn't know...

At the time, my focus was on getting better at my craft. If you'd asked me back then if I was creative, I'd have said "sure." But I wasn't thinking about my work in those terms. I was thinking about being a good actor. And while I knew I could get better at acting, I never would have dreamed that it was possible to "get better" at creativity.

Let me tell you what though: if I had known more about the unique ways in which my creativity manifests, not only would I have been a better actor, but (and this is a big deal) I would have been better prepared for the marketplace.

I would have understood, for example, that originality (a creative skill) was not my strong suit. But I had other creative skills that made up the difference, and--if I had known--I could have been promoting myself on those terms.

But I didn't know.

And many opportunities were lost to me because of that. I can see this now.

Here's another example: when I opened my first business, a consulting practice, I approached it the way an artist would. I had a vision and I went about creating it. The selling would come later, I figured.

Starting a business is a very creative endeavor. But no one told me that I would be better off if I didn't approach it as an artist (manifesting the vision and then seeing who would like to buy it), but by trying to understand the marketplace first, and then tailoring a vision that would meet the needs of the market.

I wasted a lot of time, money, and energy before I got that right.

It didn't need to be that way.

One final example for you: at many times in my life I have been between modes of creative expression. During some of those times I've thought that I'd abandoned myself. That I'd failed. Like, failed at life.

...but now that I understand creativity better, and my own creativity more intimately, I can actually see how it has been with me all along -- even in the fallow times. I really could have skipped out on all that needless, self-inflicted suffering....

That's what I want for you.

I want you to come to understand and recognize the heartbeat of your own creativity so intimately that you develop the rock-solid, unshakeable belief that it is with you, that it will never leave you, that you haven't done anything wrong, that you haven't damaged it, that it's not too late...

...and that there's absolutely no reason why you can't stand firmly upon your deepest dreams, take a deep breath, and say "let's do this thing."


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